What Support is Available With Organize Series?

Here are the various support options:

Free Support

If you have a bug fix to report and don't have a basic support package you can notify us about the bug on the  WordPress Support Forums or in our GitHub repository.  This level of support provides access to the documentation for the Organize Series Core plugin and all official add-ons.  

Basic Support

This provides access to direct email support where you can receive help with various Organize Series functionality from our support team.

The Basic Support License includes things like:

  • Assistance with installing and activating the plugin
  • Basic help with customizing the output of series information.
  • Initial troubleshooting of any issues you are encountering with using the plugin or extensions.
  • Consultation on approaches to implementing series or extensions for your use case.

It does not include things like:

  • Extensive custom development for your site (whether or not something is extensive custom development is determined by the support agent handling your request).
  • Fixing bugs or issues caused by conflicts by third party plugins and/or themes.
  • Resolving issues with the server your website is hosted on.
  • Installing or activating any third party plugin or theme.

You can learn more about and purchase the basic support license here:  https://organizeseries.com/downloads/support-license/

You can expect an answer to any support enquiries within 48 hours.

Add-on Support

When you purchase an add-on you do not automatically get access to support.  Add-ons are intentionally priced lower and do not include support for those user's who don't require support and don't want to pay for it.  If you'd like support for any add-on purchase, only one license of the Basic Support product is required to cover support for any add-on purchase.