Multiples Add-on: Changelog


  • PHP Notice/Warning fixes
  • integrated some fixes related to updates to the Organize Series 2.4.4 core plugin (see changelog for core plugin)


  • missed some code needed for Organize Series CPT Addon.
  • I call this the "How did I miss that"? release.


  • adding filters and what not to make compatible with the new Organize Series CPT Addon.


  • fixing various php warnings.
  • compat with WP 3.4+


  • Minor fix to make sure `add_meta_box()` is being called correctly.


  • made sure compatible with WordPress 3.3
  • switched usage of jquery `.live()` to `.on()` b/c `.live()` is deprecated in jquery 1.7
  • Activation of Organize Series Multiples on a WP install that hasn't had it activated before is supposed to import the core structure for series_parts to the new structure but this wasn't working correctly b/c of a typo resulting in older series having the format "part of 3" (missing the part number). This is fixed in this version


Backend Work

  • The automatic upgrade feature has been updated to a new framework. (plugins are now hosted on Amazon)


  • fixed incorrect location for automatic upgrade script.  If you have version 0.1 of this plugin and the Basic Support package the automatic upgrade won't work going from 0.1 to 0.2, you will have to download 0.2 from the website.  Sorry about that folks.


  • initial release