Grouping Add-on: Changelog


  • ensure compatibility with WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed Filter dropdown not listing groups in the manage_series screen
  • -switched usage of jquery .live() to .on() b/c .live() is deprecated in jquery 1.7


WordPress 3.2 compat and bugfix

  • In doing a review for WordPress 3.2 compatibility it was noticed that the "quick edit" feature on the manage-series page was broken.  It's fixed now.


Backend Work

  • The automatic upgrade feature has been updated to a new framework. (plugins are now hosted on Amazon)


Bugfix Release

  • fixes some PHP errors (ht janrozehnal)
  • Fixes certain cases where activating organize-series-grouping would remove all posts from existing categories
  • Other typos and minor errors fixed


Bug Fix and Feature

  • this version fixes a bug on the "Manage Series Groups" page.  If a group had no series associated with it, the series column would still show a count of 1.  This has been corrected.
  • NEW FEATURE: hierarchical groups.  Technically, this was already available since version 1.5 but was just not active in the bundled functions.  You can see the changes in the get_series_groups() function (with new inline docs) found in the orgseries-grouping-template.phpfile.
  • The query used for getting groups from the db has been restructured which should make things more efficient.
  • A page template file for the WordPress Twenty Ten theme has been bundled with Organize Series groups to give an example on how to create a groups table of contents page.  You can find this file in 'organize-series-grouping/theme/twenty-ten/groups-template.php'.


Bug Fix Release

  • fixes group count not updating
  • resets group_count to number it should be
  • cleans up any bad database entries for users that had a lot of groups resulting in a PHP timeout in previous version upgrade.
  • if you had any problems with the last upgrade, this should fix it BUT you may still have to reassociate some of your series with groups. sorry for that. Going forward there should be no more problems.


Major Update

This release is a structure change that enables much more flexibility in adding features down the road.  It's VERY important you backup your database before upgrading to this version  in case anything goes wrong.

  • This release converts the usage of the category taxonomy for series_groups to a new "series_group" taxonomy.  When you activate this version it will automatically import all the existing category groups into the new taxonomy.  If all goes well, you won't have to do any manual adjustments to re-add your series to the new group system as that will be handled by the import.
  • A new "Manage Series Groups" page has been added so you can add, edit, or delete existing groups.  This page will also list how many series are in a group.
  • with WordPress 3.1+ - the count of series on the "Manage Series Groups" page is linked to the manage series page and when clicked you will just see a list of series in that group.
  • with WordPress 3.1+ - the "Manage Series" page now has a filter drop down selection field so you can filter the series displayed by group.  Really handy for when you want to have a quick look at what series you have in a group without having to scan the entire list of series.
  • Organize Series Grouping is fully compatible with the upcoming WordPress 3.1
  • some minor bug fixes.


Major Bug Fix

  • This release fixes get_series_group_list() which wasn't working as expected
  • Also corrects a deprecated function (get_series_permalink() should have been get_series_link())


- some minor fixes primarily affecting certain cases where an updated addon is added before a required version of the core Organize Series plugin


Implementation of  Automatic Upgrades (click the link to learn more about how they work).


  • fixes a query that wasn't setup correctly for the "get_series_groups()" function.


  • just a cleanup of deprecated functions and non-declared variables.


  • Initial release of addon